Exceptional Solutions, Exceptional Value: Creative, innovative solutions delivering value. Our approach to working together means there are no limits to what can be achieved.

The Edge team have worked in business and experienced first-hand the challenges of forging a career path or being a manager or executive juggling budget constraints, performance targets, motivating and leading teams. We have practical experience of businesses both small and large and have faced challenges presented by business transformations, technology, mergers and acquisitions and developing the capabilities businesses and individuals need to achieve their goals. We have a passion for developing people to achieve extraordinary things.

We work alongside you to understand and clarify the outcomes you want to achieve and then we work with you to create practical and pragmatic solutions. If you are prepared to think outside the box with us, we can deliver creative and innovative solutions and have won awards for our Graduate, Leadership and Business Partnering programmes for our clients. Whatever the scale or scope of your requirements we will always deliver a return on your investment because we care and take pride in what we do.

Added Value:

Edge Pulse

A unique monitoring tool which identifies tangible benefits of any learning investments.

Edge Pulse is our Return On Investment Measurement Tool

We believe in the importance of measuring the success of your investment in learning. We have developed a unique measure of the return on expectations of financial and non-financial impact on your business as a result of your investment in people. A Client Dashboard provides summary charts and views of Edge Pulse (ROE) outputs.

Edge Pulse (ROE) reflects the personal value an individual or group gets from engaging in learning interventions and the increased impact they can subsequently have within the business.

Added value is calculated by comparing the increase in potential, capability and service effectiveness Edge PACE 360 scores of the delegates. The monetary value is calculated using average salary figures and percentage of time spent on value adding business activities.

Edge PACE 360 feedback scores at the start and end of the programme from delegates, managers and customers are input into the calculation to derive the final ROE quotient.

The Edge Pulse (ROE) quotient is then used to calculate the potential size of the value returned to the business as a result of the investment. These are not absolute amounts but provide a relative measure of the potential to deliver value by the delegates.

Edge Pulse (ROE) is a Quotient which is a relative indicative measurement for comparison purposes. It does not provide absolute measurement as inputs are both qualitative and quantitative.

Edge Benchmark

An enabler of individual and business excellence. Compare your skills and capabilities against a database of over 10,000 professionals globally across different industries.

Edge has created a unique and fast growing database of over 10,000 professional business partners and leaders from around the world working in a wide range of industries including banks, telecoms, financial services and electronics sectors.

This enables us to compare individual results against specific industry peer roles and benchmark whole teams and functions against key industry peer groups. We can dynamically compare by role, seniority, gender, ethnicity and geographic region as required.

Our benchmark database is continuously growing and being updated, so it is always current and truly comprehensive. We regularly create ‘Insights’ from our benchmark data which inform our work with clients.